With Gorgeous Fariza Ahmedova


“Elegant Minds” – with Gorgeous Fariza Ahmedova
Young Azerbaijani writer, journalist, fashionista, and just a beautiful girl – Fariza lives and promotes our country with her creative publishing activities in Switzerland.
“Fariza Ahmadova is a young and aspiring writer, who started her journey in writing since high-school following her degree in journalism, Media and Communications at bachelor and master’s level. At her young age, she has achieved the position of an editor-in-chief of Seventy-Eight Magazine in Switzerland, has founded a famous online portal Blesque with over 60 K followers worldwide and has published a children’s book, Mrs. Potter and the Snow. “According to the description extracted from her blog. (www.blesque.ch).
My first acquaintance with Fariza’s art was her book – Mrs. Potter and the Snow. I should mention that it is a very creative and original material for children. The children book is about magic snowflakes and their fascinating appearance in the eyes of kids. The main hero Babo is on the wish list of Santa Clause as a good kid and Babo’s only request from Santa is to make it snow in his home town in Ghana, Africa, which had never snowed before. ..
So let’s get to know this elegant Azeri woman more closely.
Banking Baku (BB): Fariza let me thank you for your kind acceptance to be interviewed. So tell us and our readers, who is Fariza Ahmedova and how does she manages her time to get engaged with all her responsibilities?
Fariza Ahmedova (FA): I am a creative person and I enjoy experiencing different environments whether it is writing a children’s book, volunteering for environmental causes or learning a new language. I manage my time well because I enjoy what I do and I try to think ahead of time how to fit everything into my day, rather than leaving it to chance or until the last moment. I like to discipline myself and achieve the deadlines set for me.
BB: What does being a writer mean to you? How did the idea and inspiration for Mrs. Potter and the Snow come about and do you plan to publish in the future?
FA: Because I am a children’s writer, I see it as a highly interactive activity where it is important to not only set your thought on the paper, but also to be able to communicate with the readers, give them food for thought and most importantly a chance to reflect on the story, rather than remember the usual story plot and jump to the next book. That is why I enjoy participating in book reading sessions, to speak to my little readers and see what they like and don’t like in particular.
The idea of Mrs. Potter and Snow came to me when my daughter Melissa was born. Winter in general and the ideas of snow and cozy rituals which come along with it have always gotten me excited about the cold season. I remember as a child, wondering whether it would snow or not each winter. I decided to put a magical spin on the usual climatic explanation of why it snows at certain winter and why it doesn’t the other. I think in today’s day and age, it is important for adults to continue letting the children stay children as long as they can, and do that by sprinkling the truth with a bit of magic when possible.
Yes, I wish to publish in the future. In fact my second children’s book is almost complete so it will be published in the near future. This time the story line will revolve around our culture more, with an Azerbaijani girl being the main character.

BB: Your website -www.blesque.ch seems to portray fashion industry in a professionally manner rather than just a blog of a girl interested in fashion. Would you like to set up your career as a fashion designer?
FA: Blesque started as a hobby and its relative success and attention has been of surprise to me. I hope to continue it for my readers, and explore other fashion journalistic fields. Although I am passionate about writing in general, whether about fashion or current events, I do not see myself pursuing the career of a fashion designer in the future. It is a highly delicate craft, which requires a lot of talent and know-how.
BB: So, Fariza, you live abroad in a foreign land outside your home country, can you share with us the advantages and disadvantages of living outside you home country and do you ever miss Baku?Fariza4
FA: I miss Baku every day, not just because of family and friends but also for its, specific city and that is why I travel to Baku often. I appreciate many things about our culture, and being away makes me see the difference on a grand scale. I always applaud how feminine and well-taken care of, our women are, and how much attention is paid to values and family traditions. I love Azerbaijani food and I have learnt to cook most of it for my foreign friends. In fact my international friends enjoy visiting Baku and have been there several times. The main advantages of living abroad are that of experiencing other cultures and meeting new people. However I believe that for Azerbaijanis living abroad, it is important to spend a portion of time back at home, to soak in the traditions and customs and enjoy the family environment that no other country can replace.
BB: You are also a mother. How does motherhood feel? And do you have a special family hobbies or tradition you might want to share with us?Fariza2


FA: Being a mother is the most responsible job in the world. It is important to set a good example all the time and to say the least it is definitely a full-time job. I definitely became more dedicated and patient after becoming a mother, and like every other mother- completely selfless. It is the greatest experience in a lifetime, with constant surprises and thrills.
Just like any other family, we have our own activities and hobbies that we enjoy to do over the weekends as a family. My daughter loves swimming and horse riding, both taken after her father. So we often take trips to the countryside for horse riding sessions and in the summer we try to go to the sea as much as possible. We also enjoy going to the zoo at least every two weeks, as my daughter loves animals. Two of my favorite hobbies with my daughter are: going to bookstores, and reading different books according to her choice, and baking various treats.

BB: Elegant Minds column targets to promote and to stimulate Azeri women to become active on social life and be aware of their rights which unfortunately sometimes are rudely abused in our society. In your opinion, how can the society be enlightened and the mindset of people, a large segments in Azerbaijan, towards total empowerment for women? As a European resident, what can we adopt in terms of gender equality practiced in Europe while keeping our best traditions as well?
FA: Without a doubt gender equality is one of the most vital aspects of human development however until now many societies struggle with this issue. Women are entitled to live in dignity and not in fear. The most important thing in my opinion and the first thing to be done is to raise awareness to those who may not even know of what they are entitled to. It can be done in a simplistic and understandable manner for the segment of society, which may not always have the means for education. Secondly, investment must be done into promotion of education for young girls, who will be more empowered through this in the future. Of course, the poverty percentage must be decreased too, and women should be able to be confident about finding jobs and working. This is important because empowered women can also contribute to the well-being of families and communities. Finally, the most important thing is for associations for women’s rights to be established and work at full force, so that women in crisis know that they can go somewhere for shelter, and be helped in continuing their life without the need of remaining in a hostile environment. I think workshops and educational lectures on this matter could take place in villages and suburbs to raise awareness. I think our traditions will always remain with us, but people should be able to make a choice between the ones they feel comfortable with and the ones that reduces their ability to thrive. Already so much is being done in Azerbaijan on this matter with the constant effort of our First Lady, Mehriban Aliyeva, and it is just a matter of time before people adopt a different mindset on certain issues in society.
BB: Fariza Ahmedova, on behalf of our Readers, I would like to thank you for this warm and pleasant conversation. We wish you success on all your endeavors.
FA: Thank you for having me!