The Peak of Humanity – Zarifa khanum Aliyeva

Everything is destined by God. The Holy Creator destines happy fate to all whom he wishes. To perceive this fortune, and turn it to reality is up to us. Great Creator allows this destiny only to those who are entitled to live forever, that even in the various trials of life, faced with dignity, these ones who persevere; they are the one who flourish. Academician Zarifa khanum Aliyeva- God’s chosen one is among those which have the right to live eternally. Zarifa khanum was born in the distinguished aristocratic family- in the family of Aziz Mammadkarim in Irevan, Azerbaijan’s ancient cultural city. Even when ruthless era of hard challenges placed many obstacles, this family took this test with dignity. It was during a complicated war period that Zarifa khanum was a young student. Due to her father’s high ranking on governmental positions she had a chance to have a higher status than others in the society. But she never showed or displayed this advantage to others.

This was confirmed from numerous wonderful memories of her peers and colleagues. The reason she chose this humble lifestyle was very simple. She had a grounded family background and good personal qualities which has imbibed in her that as a noble aristocrat, she should see it as a privilege destined by God and not as a means to elevate herself above others. This character that has accompanied her throughout her whole life endeared her to millions of people. There is a saying that human greatness is in modesty. When she gained a reputation as a doctor, as a teacher, as a scholar, and as a public figure Zarifa khanum remained the same caring, affectionate, and kind woman. When talking about Zarifa khanum it is insignificant to use epithets. Everyone who knows her, just her name-Zarifa khanum is perhaps the world’s most valuable, the most sublime word.

Human body gets the 80 percent of information with vision, with eyesight from the world. Therefore, the human eye is the most important sensory organs. To give the light to dark eyes is as holy task as Sun’s lighting up the Earth. It is the medical profession of Zarifa Aliyeva to help with eyesight ability as a qualified optometrist – this type of happiness, most times free of charge service, with a great kindness to millions of blind people. There is a saying that the scope of one’s happiness depends on how he/she gives happiness to others. What can be more fulfilling than giving sunlight, this enormous happiness to millions of ordinary people?
Zarifa khanum dedicated her medical activity to the treatment and prevention of eye diseases among the common public. When she began to work as a young scholar, it was a period in history when trachoma-the severe eye disease was widespread. Generally, whole families suffered from this disease. Zarifa Aliyeva’s name was written with golden letters in history for her estimable fight against trachoma.
Zarifa khanum’s doctoral thesis was dedicated to specific disease related ailments in the periods of rapidly developed industry. 60-70ies of last century Baku and Sumgait became the region’s largest industrial centers, where dozens of oil, machinery, chemical plants operated. In the Soviet Union Zarifa khanum was one of the leading persons who offered prevention methods to side effects of various chemicals emitted from these plants which affect the eyes. Exactly for such tireless medical and scientific activity she was given the award of AVERBAX – the highest scientific award of her era. She was the first woman, scientist to receive this award. She has a very strong personality, a very beautiful woman, a loving wife, a caring mother, humanist, a doctor. She also left an indelible mark on the memories of millions.
In the history of mankind maybe it is rare to find individuals who had both the good fortune as the child of statesman and as the wife and as well as mother to rise in ranks to the highest glory but still keep her humanity values high above all other glories. Precisely Zarifa Khanum Aliyeva is one of those individuals who will always be immortal, and will always live in the heart of the people.