Official presentation of the Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix logo


The official logo of the Baku City Circuit, which is to host the European Gran Prix of Formula 1, was presented to the public.

The logo, designed by renowned branding agency Brandia, was inspired by the four elements.

First of all, it is a specially designed city route. Baku City Circuit is a unique place for the race with great views of the city along the route of the bolides through the narrow alleys along the walls of the Old City and the broad avenues over the embankment of the Caspian Sea, combining modern high-rises and the acceleration lane.

Second, the Baku City Circuit brand is identified with unique features of Formula 1, which are speed and innovation.

Another inspiring factor was the global scale of the competition, covering both local and international audiences.

Modern style logo represented in red, silver and white, is designed to encourage devoted fans of Formula 1 and to revive the interest of young enthusiasts around the world. Violet will be a distinctive feature of the Baku City Circuit, which will highlight the track among the other races.

Last, but not least important element – magnificent Baku, which represents a synthesis of ancient and modern history, and is located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations

Including the 20 turns of varying complexity and a 2.2-kilometer coastal strip to accelerate the bolide, on which it can speed up to 340 km/h, Baku City Circuit establish itself as the most high-speed urban track in the current Formula 1 calendar.

The track will have some interesting points for the racers, including the extremely narrow rise along the old city walls, which requires pilots high-accuracy driving